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Our aim at M.P. Schultz Excavations is to provide the best possible quality and value to our customer.We have the resources and the skilled people to provide an excellent end product.

Diamond Rock Saw Hire Sydney

Since 1984 the excellent team at MP Schultz Excavations have helped countless construction sites across the Sydney metropolitan area improve the effectiveness and safety of their projects. Committed to delivering a comprehensive equipment-for-hire service to our site managers in and around the city our team have developed and expanded a wide range of unique machinery and equipment suited to assist in the completion of specific tasks.


Extremely durable and fitted with diamond-tipped rock saws available for hire from MP Schultz can be used in sites throughout Sydney. Able to easily cut through rocks and concrete of varying thicknesses the diamond rock saw can be attached to excavator arms for a greater level of control and accuracy from the operator. To find out more about how our diamond rock saws for hire can improve excavations across Sydney or to discuss hire rates call us today on 02 9627 7404 or 02 4731 4844.